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Ruth Gilmour Commercial Photography


Elevate Your Brand Through Exceptional Photography

Many people freeze up at the thought of a photoshoot for their business. 

The dread about being in front of a camera, the pressure to represent their brand perfectly, and the feeling of being overwhelmed by having to plan and execute it all.

Hi, I'm Ruth

As a commercial photographer, I find many of my clients feel this way. They worry about how to present their brand, are anxious about achieving the desired look, and feel overwhelmed by the whole process.

But here's a secret I've learned. 

Outstanding, scroll-stopping photos don't just happen. They're born out of understanding, planning, and collaboration. 

With me, you're not just booking a photoshoot but embarking on a transformative journey for your brand. 

From concept planning to the final click, we’re with you, capturing not just photos but your brand's unique story.

Organisations I’ve captured

When you work with me, we don't just schedule a photo session.

I don't just take pictures; I amplify your message through visual storytelling, creating a brand image you'll be proud to showcase.

Whether you’re an established business or a budding entrepreneur, I guide you step-by-step to ensure that you get the images you desire and can proudly and confidently elevate your online presence.

Let's create something remarkable together, something that truly represents your brand and helps you stand out. 

Kind Words

Your Blueprint for Photographic Success

Client-Centric Excellence

Your satisfaction is my utmost priority. From pre-shoot consultations to meticulous planning, I’m committed to understanding and meeting your unique needs. 

I’m not just your photographer, but help you style your shoot before and on the day. Making sure every hair is in place, I’ll be your stylist, art director, and, above all, your partner in this creative journey.

Uncompromising Integrity

I believe in every shot's authenticity and every interaction's integrity. 

Whether it's how I communicate or shoot, you can trust us to honour your comfort and preferences. You'll never be pressured into anything that isn't 100% you.

Expertise with Empathy

Behind every lens is a wealth of knowledge and experience aimed at making you look and feel your absolute best. 

I carry the conviction that everyone is photogenic and worthy of being photographed. With an empathetic approach, I create an atmosphere where you can feel at ease, ensuring a positive experience that reflects your true self.

Your Photographic Journey, Simplified

1. Initial Consultation

Let's get to know each other. A simple call can set the stage for the incredible work we’ll create together.

2. Pre-Shoot Prep

A $250 booking fee secures your spot. You'll receive a questionnaire and a comprehensive styling guide to prime you for success.

3. The Big Day

Each session is tailored to tell your story through meaningful activities. We ensure you're at ease, capturing authentic photos that resonate with your brand.

4. Delivery & Beyond

Post-shoot, you'll access a personalised proof gallery to select your standout images. Then I’ll professionally retouch them to perfection. With these final high-res files, your brand's visual story is ready to make its lasting mark. What’s involved in retouching? Read this for more information.

Your story will stand out, just as it should.