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Headshots & Teams Photography

A New Era of Professional Headshots and Team Photos

First impressions have moved online, where outdated or uninspiring headshots can dim your professional image. 

I understand the struggle to break away from stiff, generic photos that don't capture your personality or your team's dynamism. 

My photography services reframe headshots and team photos, turning them into natural, relaxed portraits that build connections and engage with your clients.

Transform the Mundane Into the Exceptional

Experience headshots that do more than just showcase your face; they make a lasting impression and show confidence and professionalism.


Whether you want traditional headshots, lifestyle shots, or dynamic team photographs, I provide a seamless, all-in-one solution that you can use across various platforms to elevate your brand effortlessly.

Make sure your first impression is genuinely engaging. We even offer location flexibility to better capture the authentic environment that defines your work.

Capture The Real You

You're not just looking for a photo; you're looking for a representation of yourself and your team that speaks volumes. 

Maybe your current photos don't do justice to the professionalism and personality you bring to your work. You deserve more than just another cookie-cutter headshot; you deserve images that are as unique as you and your team are. 

That's where I come in.

With options ranging from traditional to lifestyle headshots and even comprehensive team photos, I provide you with images that perfectly encapsulate your brand ethos.

Let’s work together to tell the story of your brand and help your customers see the real you. With a collection of beautiful, professional, on-brand images ready for use wherever and whenever you need them.

Headshots That Show The Real You

As an experienced photographer, I know how to make you comfortable and bring out your best side, so you don't have to worry about awkward poses or forced smiles.


Whether you prefer our Hamilton CBD studio or your own location, I ensure the backdrop fits your brand's story.


Every product is different, and every story it needs to tell is unique. So, I put together packages that are designed to meet your specific needs.


Choose between lifestyle and traditional headshots to best align with your brand, eliminating any visual inconsistency.

Hi. I’m Ruth - Headshot And Teams Photographer in the Waikato

In a world where first impressions are often made online, I understand the pressure to project the best version of yourself and your team. 

It can be frustrating when your existing photos don't reflect your true essence or the calibre of your brand. 

That's why I’m committed to capturing you at your best: authentic, professional, and unique. 

With my specialised headshot and team photography services, we help you make a memorable impression that speaks volumes, even before you say a word.

Your Headshot And Teams Photography Experience

1. Let's Talk

Get in touch! We’ll arrange a call to discover more about your business and how we can work together to get the headshots and team photography you need.

2. Booking & Planning

On booking, you’ll receive a questionnaire that will help me create your shoot plan.

We’ll do another phone call to go over everything and lock in a location.

3. Shoot Day

Every shoot day looks different depending on your requirements. However, we’ll work through shooting as efficiently as possible.

Sometimes this will be weather-dependent, and I’m open to rescheduling outdoor shoots to get you the best results.

4. Image Selection & Delivery

Proof images will be delivered via an online gallery for you to select the images you wish to include in your package.

Once you have made your selections and made your final payment, your favourites will be edited and delivered to you via digital download.

Looking For More?

Any Questions?

How does rescheduling due to weather work?

I limit my workload to have room for rescheduling, so I'm happy to be flexible for you to ensure you will make the most out of this investment.

What if I have a new staff member join my team or if someone is away on the day?

I am happy to do additional photos when staff are added to or change. This is usually done at the same price as your initial headshot quote per person with a travel and admin fee of $60 + GST. Ask for a quote to update your team photo!

What do we wear to look cohesive as a team?

I have a comprehensive what-to-wear guide that you’ll receive on booking, and this outlines how to style your team to look cohesive together.

I’ve never liked my headshot before, and dread being photographed.

Around 80% of the people I photograph don’t love having their headshots taken. However, the feedback I often get is that it was a much better and fun experience than they anticipated!

How long will it take?

The timeframe required for each headshot is around 5-10 minutes, depending on the style you select. If you are doing lifestyle imagery where every team member is photographed in a slightly different way or in a different space, we will need the full 10 minutes for each person.

If the background and posing are the same for each person, it will be quicker.

I also appreciate having time to chat with each person who is in front of my lens so they get comfortable with me before I begin to photograph them.

Do the images come with retouching?

Yes, all my images come with natural skin retouching. The idea is that no one should notice the retouching itself but just admire your complexion as a whole. Additional skin retouching can be added on by request. What’s involved in retouching? Read this for more information.


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