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Event Photography

Capture The Moment, Tell The Story

Your events are monumental - brimming with moments that define your personal or business journey. 

But without the right photography, those invaluable moments can fade away, leaving you with nothing but dim memories. 

As an expert in event photography, I ensure every key moment is captured, allowing you to relive, share, and even market your event long after the curtains close.

Event Photography That Frames Your Story

My lens captures not just images but the essence of your event—every laugh, every applause, every pivotal moment so you can share an unforgettable chapter in your story.


High-quality event photos aren't just keepsakes; they're marketing gold. Use them to keep your audience engaged and attract new interest long after the event is over.

Captured through a candid approach,   invite viewers to experience the emotions, connections, and little moments that make your event unique.

Can You Imagine A More Memorable Event?

Your events aren’t just gatherings; they're pivotal moments that shape your personal or business journey. 

You deserve to remember them in vivid detail. 

My event photography not only captures moments but crafts a visual story. I document your milestones, allowing you to celebrate successes long after the event. Future attendees or clients will get a glimpse of what to expect, amplifying the anticipation for your next big event.

Let’s work together to tell the story of your brand and help your customers see the real you. With a collection of beautiful, professional, on-brand images ready for use wherever and whenever you need them.

Showcase Your Event In The Best Light

Whether it's a corporate conference or a family birthday, I adapt my style to the mood of your event.

Get access to your photos promptly, keeping the momentum of your event going.

I will document your event in its entirety, from keynotes to candid moments, ensuring a complete story.

As an experienced event photographer, I’m an expert in capturing the right moments while being as unobtrusive as possible.

  • Trade shows

  • Networking events

  • Workshops

  • Team building events

  • Product launch events

  • Charity events

  • Internal corporate events

  • Conferences

  • End-of-year celebrations

Hi. I’m Ruth - Event Photographer in the Waikato

I know how crucial events can be in any journey—be it personal or corporate. 

I’ve dedicated myself to capturing these defining moments so they can be relived and celebrated forever. 

You can trust me to encapsulate your event's essence, its story, and its monumental moments into photographs you’ll cherish.

Your Event Photography Experience

1. Let’s Talk

Get in touch! We can talk by email or arrange a call to discover more about your business and how we can work together to get the photographs you need.

2. Before The Big Event

Expect clear communication throughout the process. A questionnaire will be sent to find out more about your specific wants and needs before the event so that nothing is missed.

3. Shoot Day

You’ll feel like you’re hanging out with an old friend as we blend into the crowd to capture those natural, candid moments.

I’ll direct when it’s needed, making sure those group photos are flattering and capture everyone at their best angles.

4. Image Selection And Delivery

Our highly skilled editor will ensure every last detail is perfect and images are delivered to our clients in a timely manner.

Your personalised online gallery can be easily shared and will remain live for 24 months, so everyone who needs it has access to download and view the images.

Event Photography

Every event is different, so I put together a bespoke package for your needs - so we can showcase your event in the best way possible.

Contact me to book a call so we can discuss your event further.

Looking For More?

Any Questions?

Where can you attend events?

I can attend events all around the Waikato. If your event is further afield, let’s talk and see if we can put together a plan.

What happens if the event is cancelled or rescheduled?

I limit my workload to have room for rescheduling, so I'm happy to be flexible for you to ensure you will make the most out of this investment.

How quickly do I get the photos from the event?

Your images will be back with you within 5 working days. Let me know if you need them sooner or a sneak peek!