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Lodge Real Estate

This job was a biggie! One hundred agents and teams, four headshots each, over four locations in four days. A grand total of over 400 finished photos delivered for Lodge Real Estate and Lodge City Rentals.

I loved the challenge of pulling this shoot together in a short amount of time. The process involved creating a booking calendar and designing shoot locations, collaborating with the designers Daymark Studio as well as the Lodge marketing team. Not to mention a colossal amount of admin and editing after our shoot days and a quick turnaround time on the finished images. 

The brief was to capture the agents in a relaxed and friendly way, casual lifestyle headshots as opposed to your traditional head and sholder images. There was flex in the brief for each image to be slightly different, whether that be through posing, lighting or location.  I brainstormed with the marketing team on best locations for lighting as well as wet weather options and we ended up landing on the Hamilton Gardens, Zealong Tea Estate and Riverbank Lane. All recognizable parts of our city.

It’s been so rewarding seeing these images on billboards and signs, as I drive about town as well as in brochures and on calendars that land in my mailbox. Now to decide on which agent to use when we sell our house in two months, I will be spoilt for choice!