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Dreamview Creamery

Jess is the manager of a family-owned business called Dreamview Creamery. They are a local Creamery in Raglan that focuses on being eco-friendly and delivers milk right to your door, the old fashioned way.

After teaching Jess in High school I was excited to get her inquiry about business branding photography. Jess mentioned that they needed to to improve their social media presence and revamp their website. They only had phone pictures, which weren't the best quality, and didn't show off their beautiful farm. Jess wanted to tell the story of their farm, the creamery, her family, and their products. She also wanted to show their process from start to finish, highlighting their eco-friendly practices and their commitment to delivering quality milk.

After a call with Jess to discuss the details, we came up with a plan to capture the essence of Dreamview Creamery, showcasing the place, the people, and the products they create.

Here are just a few of their images. I'm grateful to have been a part of this project and to help Jess and her family showcase their wonderful business.