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The Kiwi Country Girl

I recently had the opportunity to visit Laura MacDonald on her Te Akau lifestyle block in Waikato, New Zealand. Laura is not only a blogger but also an Instagram influencer known as Kiwi Country Girl. With a following of 30K, she shares her experiences of raising country kids, delicious and easy family-friendly recipes, farm life, helpful garden tips, and even runs a homesteading membership community.

During my visit, I had the chance to capture Laura's beautiful lifestyle through my camera lens. As a Hamilton and Waikato branding photographer, I pride myself on capturing the essence of individuals and their surroundings. Laura's lifestyle block was the perfect backdrop for our photoshoot.

The Te Akau lifestyle block is nestled in the stunning region of Waikato, known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant farming community. Laura's farm is a true reflection of the beauty and charm that this area of New Zealand holds.

During our time together, I couldn't help but notice the love and care Laura puts into every aspect of her life. From tending to her garden, to raising her kids amidst nature's playground, Laura's passion for living a fulfilling country life is evident in every corner of her lifestyle block.

The photos I took during the photoshoot portray Laura's genuine love for her family, the land, and the simple joys of rural living. The connection between them all is so tangible.

Laura's blog and Instagram page provide a glimpse into her world, inspiring others to embrace the beauty of country living. Her easy family-friendly recipes are not only delicious but also showcase the bountiful produce from her garden. The homesteading membership community she runs allows others to embark on their own journey towards self-sufficiency and a fulfilling lifestyle like Laura's.