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7 Ways to use your branding images in your marketing

Getting the Most Out of Your Branding Photos

So, you've invested in a brand photoshoot, and now you have a stunning collection of images at your disposal. But what's next? How can you make the most of these photos to connect with your target audience and enhance your marketing strategy? Let's explore some creative ways to leverage your branding photos.

  1. Elevate your website: Your website should ideally be full of your personality. Your prospective clients appreciate seeing you in different contexts and doing various things so consider the following:

    • Hero Image: This is the image that greets visitors as soon as they land on your website. It should be closely related to your services, providing an instant visual cue about what you offer. Support it with a clear headline describing your services and target audience.

    • Service Showcase: If you provide different services, display images related to each service next to an explanation. People tend to skim-read, so using images makes it crystal clear what you offer.

    • About Me Page: Your about page isn't just about you; it's also about your ideal client. However, it's crucial to prominently feature your face throughout the page. This helps potential clients determine if you're the right fit to work together.

    • Contact Page: On your contact page, remind visitors what you look like. People prefer to do business with people, and seeing your face here can make the interaction more personal.

    • Boost Your Visibility with SEO: Don't just stop at adding photos; optimize them for search engines by tagging them with relevant keywords. This enhances your search engine visibility so more of your ideal clients can find you!

2. Rule Social Media:

  • Share your brand photos on your social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

  • Use them to maintain a consistent brand aesthetic and build authority in your niche.

  • Post engaging content by asking questions or sparking discussions alongside your photos.

  • Determine your audience's most active online hours and schedule your posts accordingly.

  • Tag collaborators, such as makeup artists, clothing brands, and your photographer, to increase visibility, and so your posts, stories and reels are shared.

3. Collaborate:

  • Reach out to other businesses or individuals you interact with professionally and explore collaboration opportunities.

  • Offer to share your brand photos with them for their blogs, social media, or websites, especially if it aligns with their brand.

4. Utilize Your Personal Network:

  • Don't forget to share your brand photos on your personal social media profiles.

  • Encourage friends to share your content as well, as their network may extend beyond your own.

5. Enhance Your Email Signature:

  • If you want a personal touch so that recipients you've never met can associate your name with your face, consider using one of your photos in your email signature. Ensure thats its appropriately sized!

6. Refresh Your Blog Content:

  • Your blog is a platform where you share your knowledge and provide value. It extends beyond your services and covers topics relevant to your ideal clients. Use your brand photos to add a personal touch to your blog posts, reinforcing your expertise and building a connection. Replace generic stock photos with your brand photos to infuse authenticity and consistency into your blog. Use them as covers and within your blog posts to strengthen your brand identity.

7. Revamp Your Newsletter:

  • Elevate your newsletter by incorporating brand photos to make it visually appealing.

  • Use images to capture the attention of your subscribers and convey your message effectively.

These are just some of the ways you can leverage your branding photos to connect with your audience and drive your business forward.

If you're interested in learning more about how to plan your next brand photoshoot from start to finish, be sure to check out the Brand Photoshoot Planning Guide for expert insights and guidance.