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Lioras personal branding shoot: The Little Acre Creative Studio

I recently had the pleasure of spending a half day with Liora from The Little Acre Creative Studio, Cambridge.  Liora happens to be my go-to web designer, and you can experience her wizardry by exploring more of my site which she created! I loved working with Liora on both my website and her photo shoot.  Being chosen by this creative powerhouse to capture her in action was a massive honor!

Like most creatives, Liora came to me with a clear idea of the images wanted and needed for her site - and one very cool mood board! Its always great to see what is inspiring my clients visually as sometimes there is different understandings of language descriptions, but with a mood board I can clearly see the aesthetic my clients are going for. 

During the shoot, we wanted to showcase not only Liora's creative process but also focus on a key project she's been working on so I accompanied her to a client meeting with Jane from Zen Medi Spa, one of her regular clients. It was fascinating to witness the synergy between Liora and Jane as they discussed branding strategies and design concepts.

You can see Lioras website here!